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Floral Designer vs Floral Business Owner

The difference between a floral designer and the owner of a flower business is sometimes misunderstood. It’s most likely because they believe the designer is always the business’s owner. Sometimes it happens, but sometimes it is not the case.  It’s often the case a floral designer opens up their own business and to help make this a reality choosing the right business to work at can greatly increase the odds of success when the floral designer makes the leap to start their own business.

A great team of floral designers who possesses the skills of beautifying flower arrangements can make a business successful.  A successful florist business is well-versed in the names of flowers, their seasons, and how to care for them.   In some cases, a floral business owner may not know as much as the floral designer and in that case, the business owner should rely on the expertise of the floral management and design crew.  Being a business leader in the floral industry and starting your own business can be very daunting at first but if done successfully it can reap big rewards.

If you plan on opening your own floral business and you even don’t plan on doing all the heavy lifting its still wise to take a class in floral design at a nearby school or trade school.  Discover a floral design school near you and begin your floral career today.

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