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How to Become a Floral Designer in Ohio

If you love flowers and want to create using them, floral design is a career for you. Floral designers should have a unique talent and interest in plant life and how to get the most out of it.

Plants have their needs, and you should be knowledgeable about their needs to fulfill them. Plants are susceptible, which is why minor negligence can affect their health very quickly. Florists know about it, and they take great care of the plants.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Ohio

Ohio has no active legislation when it comes to floral designers. The absence of rules and regulations has allowed employers to hire new employees according to their criteria. Therefore, most employers do not ask for much.

If you have a high school diploma or GED, the employers will be more than willing to give you an entry-level job. But if you want to succeed and develop a career, you should think about pursuing a formal education in floral design.

Floral Design Classes in Ohio

Getting a formal education is always the best option to pursue a career. You will know about the history, the social aspects and much more regarding your field. In floral design, you should also know about the business aspect of the field.

David Curtis School of Floral Design
David Curtis School of Floral Design is in the city of Centerville. David Curtis School offers a program that is three weeks long. They teach you about flower shop operations along with flower arrangements. They have proper classes from Monday to Friday. The class timings are from 8:45 am to 5:30 pm. The fee is around 3450 US Dollars.

Ohio State University
Ohio State University offers a program associated with applied science in floral design. It also covers marketing. The course is two years long, and you will need to do an industry internship to complete the program. The internship should be seven weeks long.

Two Little Buds
Originally party organizers, Two Little Buds also offers workshops on event management with a primary focus on floral arrangements.  They teach you how to make a bouquet and much more.  More information is available on their website

National Certification for Floral Designers in Ohio
You might need six months’ experience to secure a job in the floral market, but the experience does not matter that much if you have a few credentials. The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) offers a program, and by completing the course, you will get a Certificate in Floral Design.

Floral Design Schools in Ohio

David Curtis School of Floral Design

Address: 209 N. Main St.
Centerville, Ohio OH
Phone: 937-433-0567

Buckeye Career Center: Adult Education

Address: 545 University Drive NE
New Philadelphia, Ohio OH
Phone: 330-339-2288

The Ohio State University - Ohio State ATI

Address: 1328 Dover Road
Wooster, Ohio OH
Phone: 330-287-1331