How to Become a Floral Designer in Minnesota

The job of a floral designer goes beyond just designing and arranging beautiful bouquets. Floral designers must know how to identify different types of flowers, care for them and extend their longevity for an event.

Along with this, there will be many more skills you will need to master before you can excel at your first job. Read our guide below to learn more about the requirements and certifications needed to become a floral designer.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Minnesota

Learn Design Principles
To make yourself stand out, you will need to create stand-out floral arrangements as well. After all the hard work, it all boils down to the vibrancy, professionalism, and quality of your design. You must know basic design principles, including color schemes, flower placement, and packaging, so you can charm every customer.

A basic floral design course can help you become an expert in all these and more within a short period of time.

Learn Shop Management
As a floral designer, you will be working many hours behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of your shop. Most employers will prefer a candidate who can take over the business side of their shop as well.

This can include ordering supplies in time, planning inventory, caring for the flowers, and keeping everything organized. Of course, these things can’t be learned on your own and require on-the-job training. However, getting an internship or apprenticeship can be difficult without good connections in the industry. For this reason, it’s best to enroll in an advanced floral design course that teaches everything about shop management along with providing valuable certification.

Hands-on experience
No amount of artistic and creative abilities can replace the need for hands-on experience. When it comes to delivering high-quality, professional bouquets, and other floral decorations, there is a lot more to figure out than just design.

You must be an expert in handling intricate tools like wires, floral knives, and thorn strippers. Along with gaining practice in designing bouquets, you must work in a real-life setting to understand the entire experience of a floral design job.

Floral Design Classes in Minnesota

Finding a good Floral design class in Minnesota can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start.   Here are some floral design classes being provided in Minnesota that may give you insight on your new floral career.

Munster Rose Workshops
Munster Rose is a floral centre with its shop and offers workshops.  Their workshops teach team building and focus on party sessions, intensive floral sessions covering bouquet, centrepiece, boutonniere etc.  The workshops can be two hours long and cost around $125 Dollars.

Bachman’s Florists
Located in Minneapolis, they offer private classes on floral designs in Minneapolis.  They occasionally offer classes, so you need to check their schedule on their website.  Their sessions can be online as well.  Other details can be confirmed via direct contact.

Minneapolis School of Flower Design
This school offers different courses for beginners at different stages of skill levels. For a quick introduction, you can enroll in their 1-day course or gain a more extensive overview with the week-long courses.

Floral Design Schools in Minnesota

Koehler & Dramm’s Institute of Floristry

Address: 2407 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota MN
Phone: 612-362-3133

Munster Rose

Address: 575 Southeast 9th Street, Suite #80
Minneapolis, Minnesota MN
Phone: 651-797-4830

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Address: 2400 Third Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota MN
Phone: 888-642-2787

Rustic Designs Flower Farm

Address: 25801 County Road 9 NE
Belgrade, Minnesota MN
Phone: 320-333-2275