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A Day in the Life of a Florist Designer

Like any other profession, a florist has a set of duties that has to be performed during their shift. Let’s take a look at what a florist is expected to do on a daily basis.

Every job, including flower design, demands a high degree of organization.  A florist must check orders and deliveries that are due and make sure everything is ready to go out on time.   If there is a specific ASAP order or a mixup that the florist might come across it’s up to them for the last line of defense to catch any errors before they go out.   Particular items may need to be ordered for planned events over the week. A florist makes orders and works with strict deadlines for such occasions since flowers of course have a short lifespan.

A florist also answers calls and greets walk-in customers.  A florist may converse with clients about their requirements or special requests for a specific event.  A florist coordinates with the delivery person to make sure they have all their deliveries for their route that day.    Floral designers receive orders of flowers almost every day. On a daily basis, floral designers condition the flowers that arrive from wholesalers with a wide range of techniques.   Such as trimming stems at a 45-degree angle to allow the blooms to absorb the most water.  This entails removing all leaves and removing all thorns. It is a complicated task that necessitates a great deal of concentration. Depending on the flower’s lineage, each flower can require different care.

A florist makes ready-to-go bouquets and wreaths out of fresh flowers and foliage. Typically, these are displayed outside the studio or shop with various props to allure people walking by.   A floral designer team also spends the day at the venue tasked with multiple floral decorations. It could be a wedding reception or a charity event. Flowers must be chosen to match the event’s theme through colors and size.

A Florist doesn’t want to let their customers down and prides themselves on repeat business while building long-lasting relationships.  For a wedding for example the floral design team designs the floral entrance, bridal bouquets, groom corsages, floral arches, wedding party tables, buffet tables, topiaries, and more.  Planning all these arrangements for one day takes preparation and organization.

In a flower design business, no two days are ever the same. At times, it can be very overwhelming, especially around holidays, graduations, and summer weddings, but some days are entirely silent.   But even these hustle-free days are equally delightful as the florists are doing their favorite work-spending time with flowers and working with nature. Find a Floral Design Program in your state today!

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