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How to Become a Floral Designer in Michigan

A career in floral design demands the highest levels of craftsmanship, experience, and superior knowledge of design. It goes way beyond visually pleasing floral arrangements and requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes. You will also need to gain some hands-on experience and formal training before you can land your first job in the field.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Michigan

Even the most skilled individuals feel doubtful about their capabilities when entering a new field. Gaining better clarity about the requirements and roles of a floral designer can help you devise a more effective learning plan.

Below are some of the common experiences and skills you need to land your first job in floral design:

Artistic Abilities – More than anything else, the designs, colors, and styles you put forward will be responsible for making or breaking your career. This is the only part of your job that the client will actually see and therefore matters the most.

Once you have achieved all the technical and manual skills, you must learn advanced principles of professional design, color blending techniques, and unique floral arrangements.

These are best learned with the help of floral design courses that teach about both traditional and modern floral design techniques.

Creation Skills – Like every other business, floral shops also thrive with new product additions, differentiated designs, and high-quality products. You should be good at coming up with new ideas, turning them into reality, and then marketing them to the clients. Many courses in floral design teach about shop management which allows you to learn about ordering floral supplies, designing new products, and keeping clients engaged with variety.

Client collaboration – Having the ability to turn intricate visions and client suggestions into reality is a must-have for every floral designer. When working with special events like a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, your listening and collaboration skills with the client will play a crucial role. One bad customer experience can mean a lot of lost potential business in the future and must be avoided at all times. Fortunately, there are traditional floral design courses that focus on providing a holistic learning experience. With these, you can learn all aspects of client management and enhance your communication skills.

Floral Design Classes in Michigan

Finding a Floral design program in Michigan can be difficult, especially when you are just starting out. Here are some Michigan floral design courses currently being offered.

Macomb Community College offers a certification-based floral design program that provides an extensive introduction, practical projects, and hands-on experience in the field. The program can be completed within 1 year and teaches everything about blending colors, arrangement techniques for bouquets, corsages, and traditional floral design styles. You can also take different classes individually without going through the complete course and learn about the topics that excite you the most.

Michigan Floral Association offers the perfect short courses for students at different skill levels. Its courses can be completed with flexible durations, and you can choose to complete them in either 1 week with daily classes or in 12 weeks with one class per week. 

Floral Career Academy offers a guided learning path to becoming an expert in the field with its beginner and advanced floral design courses. Each course consists of eight classes teaching about flower identification, caring techniques, design fundamentals, and creating practical arrangements.

Floral Design Schools in Michigan

Michigan State University

Address: 426 Auditorium Road, Room 150
East Lansing, Michigan MI
Phone: 517-355-3300

Great Lakes Floral Association

Address: 1152 Haslett Rd. – PO Box 67
Haslett, Michigan MI
Phone: 517-575-0110

Victoria’s Floral Design, inc

Address: 7117 South Street
Benzonia, Michigan MI
Phone: 231-882-5144

Bloom Floral Design

Address: 100 Van Pelt Place Suite A
Charlevoix, Michigan MI
Phone: 231-437-3686