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How to Become a Floral Designer in Vermont

Sometimes, words are not enough to convey our message and the feeling behind it.  People struggle with coming up with words that can do justice to their feelings but often fall short of such an opportunity.  In such a case, people look around them to find means to convey their feelings.  Flowers are often taken as a way to express emotions.

For centuries, flowers have been used to celebrate, mourn, or express love.  The practice is still relevant, and floral designers have learned the art to express feelings through flowers.  Floral designers make up for the shortage of words through various arrangements, flowers, and centerpieces and express emotions in totality.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Vermont

There are no legal requirements for becoming a floral designer in Vermont.  The absence of active legislation has given liberty to the employers to hire people with primary education.  It makes it easy to get a job in the floral industry.

People with a high school diploma or GED can get a job, and to brush up their skills, they can apply for secondary education in floral designs.

Floral Design Classes in Vermont

Finding a good Floral design class in Vermont can be hard, especially when you are just beginning. Here are some floral design programs being offered in Vermont that may be a good starting point.

Vermont Academy of Floral Design
The Vermont Academy of Floral Design offers many courses in floral designs.  With a particular focus on floral arrangements and basic techniques, they offer courses of varying durations.

Vermont Zen Center
Vermont Zen Center offers workshops on floral designs.  They teach Ikebana floral technique, placement, and flower arrangement.  The class size should be a minimum of four participants.  The workshop will take around five hours to finish.

Floral Artistry
Floral Artistry is a wedding and floral house.  The founder of Floral Artistry, Alison, offers work experience, and under her supervision, you will learn about professional aspects of the floral industry.  This experience is equivalent to workshops conducted by her.  For further details, you can visit their website.

National Certification for Floral Designers in Vermont
If you want to become a CFD, you will have to take an online exam conducted by the American Institution of Floral Designers (AIFD).  After completing their program, you will have to score more than 80 percent on the exam to get a pin, certificate, and have your name registered on the list of AIFD’s online and offline directories.

Floral Design Schools in Vermont

Vermont Academy of Floral Design

Address: 32 Hunger Mtn. View Road
Waterbury Center, Vermont VT
Phone: 802-244-8322