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How to Become a Floral Designer in Virginia

Suppose you have a particular interest in flowers and have artistic skills.  In that case, you may like to become a floral designer because this professional has all the elements you admire and are passionate about.

But floral design is a little more than sharing an interest in flowers, and it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to excel in this profession.  You should have an eye for aesthetically pleasing flowers and should be able to convey messages and feeling through flowers.

You should also learn about combinations of which flower goes the best with which other flower.  Therefore, you must have the drill to learn and listen to your customers.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Virginia

There are no hard and fast requirements for becoming a floral designer in Virginia.  Since there is no active legislation concerning floral designers, the rules and regulations are almost close to non-existing in this field apart from basic ethics.

Employers ask for a high school diploma or GED when hiring new people.  You may also need work experience of six months.  There is not much, to begin with when it comes to this field, and therefore, you need to acquire skills that make you stand out.

Floral Design Classes in Virginia

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is an organization that offers floral classes with a promise of teaching modern and traditional styles of floral art.  They give hands-on demonstrations in their workshops.  These classes can be online and offline.  You can choose the package according to what suits you the best.

Helen Olivia Flowers
Located in the city of Alexandria, Helen Olivia Flowers offers workshops in floral designs.  They teach how to make wreaths and elements of seasonal flowers.  The duration of these classes can be two hours long each.

Reynolds Community College
Located in Richmond, Reynolds Community College offers classes in floral designs.  They provide students with enough opportunity to learn a professional aspect of this field.  This program will help you establish credentials to show your skills and expertise if you want to open your flower shop or take part in a competition.

Northern Virginia Community College
Northern Virginia Community College offers floral classes in floral designs with a particular focus on Horticulture.  This program will take around two years to complete with the association of Applied Sciences.

National Certification for Floral Designers in Virginia
To become a CFD, you will have to take a program affiliated with the American Institution of Floral Designers (AIFD) and take their online exam.  If you score more than 80 percent, you will get a pin with a certificate.  They will also put your name on their online and offline directories.  You can get jobs without work experience if you have their certificate on your profile.

Floral Design Schools in Virginia

J Morris Flowers

Leesburg, Virginia VA
Phone: 703-779-3530

Holly Heider Chapple – Gathered and Styled

Address: 41872 Stumptown Rd.
Leesburg, Virginia VA
Phone: 703-777-8227

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Address: 1651 East Parham Road
Richmond, Virginia VA
Phone: 804-371-3000

Lewis Gentir Botanical Garden

Address: 1800 Lakeside Avenue
Richmond, Virginia VA
Phone: 804-262-9887

Strawberry Fields Flowers & Finds

Address: 423 Strawberry Street
Richmond, Virginia VA
Phone: 804-213-0232

Fairfield Flowers

Address: 5194 Fairfield Shopping Center
Virginia Beach, Virginia VA
Phone: 757-474-1500

The Garden Club of Norfolk

Address: P.O. Box 11152
Norfolk, Virginia VA