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How to Become a Floral Designer in Wyoming

Flowers are a beautiful part of nature.  People have associated different meanings with all different sorts of flowers.  For example, the red rose symbolises love all over the world.  Colours also have meanings because of the same reason.

Floral designers incorporate colours and flowers and make powerful and meaningful floral arrangements at the request of their customers.  Floral designers know all the meanings behind flowers and colours and know how to make a statement using them.  Whether a wedding event or a funeral, we see flowers giving meaning to our emotions and feelings.  Therefore, floral designers spend hours and hours arranging flowers accordingly.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Wyoming

There are no specific requirements for becoming a floral designer in Wyoming.  With the lack of legislation concerning floral designers, employers hire new people according to what they need and deem necessary.

Many employers prefer candidates with primary education.  If you have a high school diploma or GED, you can get a job in the floral industry.  However, it is recommended to at least have a work experience of six months or secondary education to kick start your career.

Floral Design Classes in Wyoming

Floral Design Institute
Floral Design Institute offers different courses in floral design.  The courses are three in number and are online.   The basic course will take five months to complete.  You will have the choice of how long you want to take to complete this course.  They also have a special course that has a primary focus on floral wedding designs.

Floral Art
Floral Art is an event management company located in Jackson.  They also offer workshops on floral designs and focus on wedding designs and party designs.  Their workshops are only one day long and are offered randomly.  Therefore, you will have to contact them directly to get more information.  

National Certificate for Floral Designers in Wyoming
To become a CFD, you will have to take a course affiliated with the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD).  The course has an online evaluation, and you will have to get more than 80 percent to get a pin and certificate.  You will also get your name on their online and offline directories list.  The CFD credentials will get you a job without any work experience.

Floral Design Schools in Wyoming

Pink Lion Design Company

Address: 201 E 2ND STREET, SUITE #10
Casper, Wyoming WY
Phone: 307-333-2338