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How to Become a Floral Designer in Mississippi

The field of floral design is about so much more than what meets the eye. Professional floral designers have a vast knowledge of flowers, arrangement techniques, and design skills that can be hard to learn on your own.

Below is our guide on how you can take your first step towards a simplified learning path to become an expert in the field of floral design in Mississippi.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Mississippi

Utilizing these basic floral design techniques and concepts will help you to be a successful florist in Mississippi.

Design Fundamentals
Designing a visually pleasant floral arrangement is one thing but delivering professional quality with no errors is an entirely different responsibility.

There are many unsaid rules that you must follow to keep your arrangement quality-top notch and up to professional standards. Firstly, your flowers should always seem fully bloomed and untouched, so they deliver the lively feel that they are meant to.

Your placement of each flower and how you package them will also play a role in preventing floral damage. All these things can make or break the customer experience and must be ingrained in every floral designer’s mindset.

Gaining hands-on experience with workshops can help you learn the traditional best practices that often get overlooked by beginners on a self-learning path.

Floral Design Courses
To become an excellent floral designer, you will need the help of many expert florists already thriving in the industry. There is so much more to floral design than the final arrangement.

Your designing skills must be accompanied by a lot of practice, feedback, and iteration. Finding the right connections and a supportive community where you can learn and grow as a floral designer can be difficult.

Enrolling in a course will immediately introduce you to a guided learning path, valuable experience, and expert mentorship needed to become a professional.

Gain Certification
Without certification, you have nothing to show for all the time spent learning about design, arrangements, and caring techniques. Most employers will skim through all the resumes and pick the most qualified and experienced candidate. You can gain valuable certification by enrolling in an accredited school’s floral design course, workshop, or vocational program.

Floral Design Classes in Mississippi

Enrolling in expert-led courses and workshops can help you reach the creative and professional level needed to enter the field with confidence. Below is a refined list of the best floral design schools with top instructors.

Mississippi State University
MSU offers the perfect learning experience for the more serious beginner looking to gain a formal education. The university offers a bachelor’s degree in Floral management with a three-year duration. After completion, you will also get a chance to intern at a floral business of your choice. 

Jones County Junior College
Jones County Junior College offers a certification-based technical course in floral design which can be completed in one year. It will help you learn and experience everything there is in the field of floral design. If you want to become a more recognized expert, you can also enroll in its associate degree in Horticulture technology. The degree will help you become a professional in landscaping, flower care, and nursery management, along with floral design.

Snip and Sip Design Class
Snip and Sip is a BYOB floral design class.  Their instructors give you full reign to showcase your creativity in floral designs.  Their classes are held all year periodically.  Any additional information can be acquired via direct contact.

Gina Diamond’s Flower Co.
Gina Diamond’s Flower Co. offers workshops designed for beginners.  They will teach you basic floral arrangements and designs.  Their workshops are held in the evening, and you have options to choose which session suits you the best.  They also offer online tutorials as well.

Floral Design Schools in Mississippi

Jones County Junior College

Address: 900 South Court Street
Ellisville, Mississippi, MS
Phone: 601-477-4025

Mississippi State University

Address: 32 Creelman Street
Mississippi State, Mississippi, MS
Phone: 662-325-2311

Mississippi State University Extension

Address: Bost Extension Center
Starkville, Mississippi, MS
Phone: 662-325-3226

Mississippi State University - Coastal Research & Extension Center

Address: 1815 Popp’s Ferry Road
Biloxi, Mississippi, MS
Phone: 228-388-4710