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How to Become a Floral Designer in Tennessee

If you think you are creative and intuitive, have compassion and empathy, share love and likeness for flowers and plants, and love to do what you are passionate about, the floral design might be your line of work.

This profession requires good communication skills with customers so that you can translate their feelings and emotions into your creation using flowers.  The floral arrangements you make will bring a lot of meaning to your customers’ experiences.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Missouri

If you are looking for a professional that does not have too many rules and regulations and is not concerned with legislation and laws, then floral design is the right profession for you.  This profession does not have any criterion for employment.

The employers decide who to hire according to their needs.  The essential requirement for hiring a new person in this industry is a high school diploma or GED.  Therefore, you do not have to worry much about finding a job if you have enough talent to pick up a few techniques.

Floral Design Classes in Missouri

Finding a good Floral design class in Tennessee can be a difficult task, especially when you are just starting out in this career. Here are a few floral designs programs being offered in Tennessee that may be a good starting point.

The University of Tennessee Gardens
The University of Tennessee Gardens is located in Knoxville.  They offer courses in floral designs throughout the year.  The primary focus of their workshop is the creation of centerpieces and wreath making.  They also have a membership package.

Nashville Flower Market
Nashville flower Market offers private workshops every month.  They have several classes in a month that you can enroll in depending on the skills you want to acquire.   They also focus on the holiday special floral arrangements.

Wither and Bloom Designs
Wither and Bloom Designs is located in Knoxville.  They offer floral design workshops.  They teach how to make floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day, a marketable day in the floral industry.  Further details can be obtained via direct contact.

National Certification for Floral Designers in Tennessee
If you want to become a CFD, you will have to take a program affiliated with the American Institution of Floral Designers (AIFD).  Their certification can get you a job without any work experience.  If you pass their online test with more than 80 percent, you will get a pin, certificate, and your name will be on the list of their online and printed directories.  It will help a lot with your floral design career.

Floral Design Schools in Missouri

The Chaterry

Address: 1800 Rossville Avenue, Suite 108
Chattanooga, Tennessee TN
Phone: 423-521-2643

Nashville Flower Market

Address: 2615 Lebanon Pike, Suite B
Chattanooga, Tennessee TN
Phone: 615-928-8001

Pinewood Retreat

Address: 6317 Lampkins Bridge Road
College Grove, Tennessee TN
Phone: 615-238-7937