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How to Become a Floral Designer in South Carolina

Flowers have a way to communicate your sentiments. You can express your love, compassion, joyfulness, admiration, or adoration through the language of flowers.

There are myths attached to every flower. This fantastical element also gives rise to curiosity in people, and they love to associate themselves with myths. Therefore, their sentimentality should be respected and acknowledged. Floral designers know this and make sure they value their customers’ feelings and beliefs.

Some customers demand to meer directly, and one should consider all these factors before becoming a floral designer because it is so much more than just flowers.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in South Carolina

South Carolina has no active legislation regarding floral designers. The floral market has free reign over its industry, which is why the employment criterion is different from other careers. Due to the lack of rules and regulations, employers only ask for primary education like a high school diploma or GED. Although you do not need much to secure an entry-level job, you need to get proper education to build your skills and expertise. It is recommended to pursue secondary education if you want your own business one day.

Floral Design Classes in South Carolina

One should never assume that they know it all. Even floral designers who have work experience should consider taking courses or workshops. There is always progression in the field, and it is hard to catch up. That is why one must ensure to keep up with the development in the field.

Midlands Technical College
Located in Columbia, Midlands Technical College offers a course in floral design that will accelerate your floral design creativity. The course duration is only one month, and if you take an advanced course, it also has the same duration of a month, so in two months you can greatly improve your floral knowledge.

Trident Technical College
Trident Technical College (TTC) offers a certificate of completion in floral design. The duration of the course is around six months, and the classes are all in-person a must for any future florist.

National Certification for Floral Designers in South Carolina
Whereas many employers do not have the criteria of official credentials to give a job to aspiring floral designers, one should not just settle for it. It would be better if you become a CFD by taking the American Institution of Floral Designers (AIFD) program.

Floral Design Schools in South Carolina

University of South Carolina

Address: 1705 College Street Close Hipp Building, Suite 591
Columbia, South Carolina
Phone: 803-777-9444

Columbia Garden Club

Address: PO Box 5925
Columbia, South Carolina

Tiger Lily Florist

Address: 131 Spring Street -Suite B
Charleston, South Carolina
Phone: 843-723-2808