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How to Become a Floral Designer in Wisconsin

Floral designers are the people who appreciate plant life and take pleasure in creating beautiful arrangements using flowers and plants.  Their love for plants and flowers can give meaning to many other emotions.

Since they have a way around it, they use their knowledge of plant life to satisfy their customers who ask for aesthetically pleasing arrangements with a meaning behind those arrangements.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Wisconsin

There is no active law that governs the criteria for hiring new floral designers.  Since there is no national regulation, employers hire people even with primary education.  If you have a high school diploma or GED, you can get an entry-level job in Wisconsin.

The entire process is dependent on the employer if they find you worthy enough to be hired in a field with no specific rules and regulations.  Therefore, it is always safer to go for primary education, but if you are satisfied with your job and want to enjoy it, the floral industry is always welcoming.

Floral Design Classes in Wisconsin

Milwaukee School of Flower Design
Milwaukee School of Flower Desing offers classes in floral design.  They have classes that will teach you American and English contemporary floral designs in a one-day crash course.  You will get to learn wedding designs and multiple different styles to boost your creativity.  these classes will cover funeral designs, bridal designs, and upscale event management.

Flora Elements
Flora Elements offers classes in floral designs for various ages.  They have classes for kids and professionals as well.  In kid’s class, they will teach about floral elements.  In the adult class, they will teach floral arrangements and how to create wreaths and centerpieces.  They will also give you training for professional life in the floral industry.

Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florist Association
Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florists Association offer classes and workshops on floral designs.  Each class can take up to two hours.   

Floral Design Schools in Wisconsin

Midwest Floral Design School

Address: 10 West Main Street
Platteville, Wisconsin, WI
Phone: 608-348-3433