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How to Become a Floral Designer in Maine

Expert floral designers have a flair for making their work look effortless. However, there is more to it than what meets a beginner’s eye. You will need to ace more than just design and creativity to become a pro.

With proper training and the right knowledge, you can start your journey of a career filled with beautiful flowers and heartfelt celebrations. Keep reading to find all the requirements and skills you need to become an expert in the creatively exciting field of floristry.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Maine

Floral designers must be multi-talented and handle many responsibilities at one time. They should know how to work with clients, deliver high quality and keep up with deadlines. All these things require more than just a creative and artistic mind. Below are some of the things every beginner must ace before stepping into the industry:

An in-depth introduction
Before you can start learning about picking colors, designing bouquets, and wiring flowers together, you must understand the basics. These include the often-overlooked responsibilities of a floral designer; having good communication and collaboration skills, effective time management, and keeping up the professional quality.

The best way to learn the basics is with a short introductory course. Many local markets, schools, and independent instructors offer such courses in Maine, which are discussed below.

Handling Tools
Floral designers work with hardware and cutting tools all the time to put together intricate bouquets, corsages, and wreaths. You should be an expert at handling tools like floral knives, arranging wires, thorn strippers, and some pliers before you are able to design your first floral arrangement. To get used to handling these, you can enroll in week-long workshops that focus on providing hands-on experience.

Floral Care
The most important task of any floral designer is actually hidden in the backroom. It is every floral designer’s responsibility to take care of every flower and plant so they can grow and have a longer lifespan after being cut. Every flower is different and will demand individual care. Learning about the extensive caring techniques without an expert and structured lessons can be overwhelming. Fortunately, floral design courses are specifically designed to teach about such techniques and provide a hands-on experience in helping the flowers grow, bloom, and thrive.

Floral Design Classes in Maine

Finding a floral design course in Maine that matches your needs could be a challenge, especially when you are just starting out in the industry. Below is a list of floral design programs in Maine.

Florists and Growers Association
This school offers a six-month-long course with 12 individual floral design classes, including design fundamentals, floral care, and professional arrangements.

Studio Flora
Studio Flora offers a short beginner course with 6 total classes teaching about introduction to floral design, working with tools, and arrangement techniques.

Chapel Hill Floral 
Chapel Hill Floral provides practical floral classes focusing on hands-on experience with creating beautiful bouquets and other floral arrangements. Its expert instructors provide an introduction to the best practices used by professional florists.

Floral Design Schools in Maine

Maine State Florists and Growers Association

Address: 97 Penobscot Ave
Millinocket, Maine, ME
Phone: 207-756-5553

Maine College of Art & Design Continuing Studies

Address: 522 Congress Street
Portland, Maine, ME
Phone: 207-699-5061

Eastport Arts Center

Address: 36 Washington Street • P.O. Box 153 Eastport
Washington County, Maine, ME
Phone: 207-853-4650

Cooperative Extension in Cumberland County

Address: 75 Clearwater Drive, Suite 104
Falmouth, Maine, ME
Phone: 207-781-6099


Address: 2 Fort Road
South Portland, Maine, ME
Phone: 207-741-5500

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Address: 105 Botanical Gardens Drive
Boothbay, Maine, ME
Phone: 207-633-8000