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How to Become a Floral Designer in Maryland

If you have finally made it through the overwhelming decision of whether to become a floral designer or not, the next challenge is to ace the career. Maryland has many floral design courses available for you to choose from.

There is so much more to being a floral designer than enriching a bouquet with your creativity. There are hardware tools to be taken care of, plants to be watered, and the, most important, clients to be dealt with. Read our guide to learn more about the job and the common roles and responsibilities and find class near you in Maryland today.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Maryland

The number one thing to always do is to surround yourself with a supportive and knowledgeable community. There is no amount of book reading, conducting research, or seeking advice that can help you as much as the support of an expert.

While the ultimate goal of any beginner should be to charm their potential employers, the way to get there is through valuable experience and knowledge. Below are some steps you can take to become an expert in the field:

Learn the Basics
Get acquainted with the world of floral design with an introductory floral design class. These classes can help you bring more focus, clarity, and simplification into your learning process by providing a guided learning path. Many classes in Maryland are specifically designed around the needs of a beginner and teach about caring techniques, color combinations, and arrangement basics.

Gain Experience
All employers want an employee that they can wholly depend on. The best assurance for this comes from previous experience and relevant qualifications. Make sure to get enough work experience and certifications with the help of workshops, practical courses, and instructor-led floral arrangements.

Learn Design Techniques
To stand out in the market, you will need to have your own sense of style and creativity. Once you understand the basics, your focus should be on designing arrangements that complement a client’s theme, bring out certain feelings, and make the event more vibrant.

Floral Design Classes in Maryland

Finding a good floral design course that matches your needs can be daunting, especially when you are an absolute beginner. Below is a list of courses being offered in the great state of Maine.

The Washington Flower School
The Washington Flower School is affiliated with the Park Florist school in Maryland and offers both certification-based courses and seasonal workshops. The school provides a guided learning path with its beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. These can help you learn everything about floral design and become an expert.

Ann Arundel Community College 
This college is an AIFD-approved institution and offers its floral design program with the required criteria for gaining AIFD certification. The program will provide guided instructions on more than 15 individual courses, including Principles of design, design applications, and advanced mechanics and techniques. You can also take their more extensive CFD program that teaches about Flower identification, sprays and arrangements, seasonal flowers, and portfolio design.

Hartford Community College
hatford offers an extensive floral design course with 8 individual classes, including Introduction to Floral Design, Sympathy design, wedding design, contemporary design, and advanced floral design. You can learn about the niches that excite you the most with its elective courses selection, including Holiday flowers, summer wildflowers, and flower shop management.

Floral Design Schools in Connecticut

American Institute of Floral Designers

Address: 2331 Rock Spring Road
Forest Hill, Maryland, MD
Phone: 443-966-3850

Ann Arundel Community College

Address: 101 College Parkway
Arnold, Maryland, MD
Phone: 410-777-2222

Hagerstown Community College

Address: 11400 Robinwood Drive
Hagerstown, Maryland, MD
Phone: 240-500-2000

Flowers & Fancies

Address: 11404 Cronridge Drive Suite L
Owings Mills, Maryland, MD
Phone: 410-653-0600

WildFlower Stem + Sundry

Address: 1460 Ritchie Hwy Suite 107
Arnold, Maryland, MD
Phone: 410-943-2490

Carroll Community College

Address: 1601 Washington Road
Westminster, Maryland, MD
Phone: 410-386-8100

Radebaugh Florist and Greenhouses

Address: 120 E. Burke Ave.
Towson, Maryland, MD
Phone: 410-825-4300

Talbot County Garden Club

Address: P.O. Box 1524
Easton, Maryland, MD


Address: 7409 BRINK ROAD
Phone: 301-401-9860

Sophie Felts Floral Design Studio

Address: 7801 Hawkins Creamery Road
Laytonsville, Maryland, MD
Phone: 301-787-2964