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How to Become a Floral Designer in Illinois

Floral designing is a field that can be diverse as much as there are species of flowers in the world. That statement clarifies that people’s condescending thoughts and doubts regarding this field hold no meaning.

We use this field for almost all events ranging from birthdays to funerals, weddings to homecomings, to graduation to a celebration. Each of these occasion demand uniqueness that suits the best to their plan.

Therefore, it needs farsightedness, emotional intelligence, and above all, the intuition for creativity. Many institutions ensure proper education for floral design, and it is a severe matter to indulge.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Illinois

The best thing about this field is that there is no hard and fast rule regarding employment requirements. Where it is essential always to have proper knowledge of your field, there is also a great relief that this line of work is more about practice than theory.

Therefore, many floral houses do not have specific requirements for a candidate. It is always advised to at least get a diploma before you dig into this field to know how much attention is needed. The minimum requirement that can be asked for is a high school education or GED, which is mostly not considered a strict criterion.

The diplomas in floral design will allow you to know the industry better and how you can make a career out of it. It will also teach you proper knowledge regarding flowers and their arrangement and what flowers go with what events. It may look like just a matter of decision, but there is a whole science behind beautiful bouquets.

Always choose programs that have associations with local or national floral design houses or associations. That will make your education more authentic.

Floral Design Classes in Illinois

The options are limitless depending on your choice and what level you are going for in your career, but there are a few recommendations for aspiring floral designers.

Kishwaukee College
The college offers an associate’s degree in Horticulture floral design and offers a more in-depth learning experience. With its two-year duration, the degree will allow you to become a more qualified candidate for most floral design jobs.

Illinois State Florists’ Association
If you want to become an Illinois Certified Profession Florist (ICPF), there is a course that allows you to take thirteen classes in total to issue you the certificate. There is also some relaxation regarding offline and online classes.

Black Hawk College
Located in Moline, Black Hawk College offers of certificate in floral design, and you have to complete the course within a year. 

National Certification for Floral Designers in Illinois
The American Institution of Floral Designers (AIFD) is one of the best leading floral designing national organisations with exclusive credentials. If you complete your program at AIFD, you will get the state association’s approval and be given a certificate to ensure your standing as a CFD.

To keep your certificate, you will be required to pay 124 dollars annually and should be submitted for the renewal of the certificate after every three years.

Floral Design Schools in Illinois

Chicago School Flower of Design

Address: 452 North Ashland
Chicago, Illinois IL
Phone: 877-322-5666

Danville Area Community College

Address: 2000 East Main Street
Danville, Illinois IL
Phone: 217-443-3222

llinois Valley Community College

Address: 815 North Orlando Smith Road
Oglesby, Illinois IL
Phone: 815-224-2720

Southwestern Illinois College

Address:2500 Carlyle Ave.
Belleville, Illinois IL
Phone: 618-235-2700

Parkland College Community Education

Address:1315 N. Mattis Ave.
Champaign, Illinois IL
Phone: 217-351-2235


Address: 55 South Main Street, Suite 351
Naperville, Illinois IL
Phone: 630-544-3372

Allerton Park and Retreat Center

Address: 515 Old Timber Road
Monticello, Illinois IL
Phone: 217-333-3287

Annie Occasion For Any Occasion

Address: 148 S Bloomingdale Road Suite 100
Bloomingdale, Illinois IL
Phone: 630-283-5973