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How to Become a Floral Designer in Massachusetts

Vibrant storefronts, lively flowers, and refreshing fragrances all day long sound like a dream come true for anyone. A career in floral design is an exciting and inspiring one with lots of perks to offer.

If you are someone who wants to keep close to nature while making a living, we have just the right guide for you.

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Requirements for Becoming a Floral Designer in Massachusetts

Figuring out the qualifications, experience, and skills you need to become a professional in the industry can seem overwhelming. With so many niches and types of designs to focus on, which learning path should you really take? All these confusions can be set aside once you get a real-world experience with the basics. Below are some of the common skills and requirements you must fulfill to enter the exciting world of floral design:

Caring and Preservation
A stand-out floral arrangement is impossible without fully bloomed, vibrant flowers. As a floral designer, you must be an expert in keeping the flowers healthy, fresh, and always growing. Every flower demands different caring and preservation techniques which can be hard to master by yourself. The best way to learn is through a floral design class or workshop, as they focus on providing hands-on experience and guided instructions on managing different types of plants and flowers.

Designing Techniques
The ability to turn simple flowers into enchanting arrangements is what makes floral designers so valuable. Floral design is so much more than just picking contrasting colors of flowers and bundling them together. You must know how to sequence, distance, align and sort flowers properly, so the final result really leaves an impression. You can learn years’ worth of such design knowledge in a few weeks when you enroll in an expert-led floral design course or workshop.

Color Schemes
Color schemes can be tricky for every beginner, especially when bringing a client’s vision to reality. What colors blend well together? How should the colors be distributed? How much is too much? These are all questions that need to be figured out before a professional bouquet, corsage, or wreath can be presented to the client. Enrolling in a floral design class can teach you everything about color theory, blending techniques, and design principles you need to charm your clients.

Floral Design Classes in Massachusetts

Finding a good Floral design class in Massachusetts can be difficult, especially when you are just beginning. Here are  some good floral design courses currently being offered in Massachusetts.

Rittners School of Floral Design
Rittners  offers the perfect beginner course teaching both backroom and business skills. Its comprehensive program teaches everything there is to learn about floral design, arrangements, caring techniques, flower identification, and floral business management.

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston
This Museum offers a wide range of individual classes teaching different aspects of floral design. Its beginner and advanced courses offer students a seamless learning path to becoming an expert in the industry.

Middlesex Community College
This Community College provides several training-based floral design programs teaching about professional arrangements, fairy garden creation, and thanksgiving centerpieces. Most of its courses are only 2 hours long, making it perfect for trying out the field of floral design before taking a bigger step.

Floral Design Schools in Massachusetts

Rittners School of Floral Design

Address: 345 Marlborough Street
Boston, Massachusetts, MA
Phone: 617-267-3824

Middlesex Community College

Address: 591 Springs Road
Bedford, Massachusetts, MA
Phone: 800-818-3434

Cass School Of Floral Design

Address: 531 Mt. Auburn Street
Watertown, Massachusetts, MA
Phone: 617-926-2277

North Shore Community College

Address: 1 Ferncroft Road
Danvers, Massachusetts, MA
Phone: 978-762-4000

Audrey’s Flower Shop

Address: 38 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, Massachusetts, MA
Phone: 978-283-2171

Leibys Garden & Flower Shop

Address: 300 Eliot street Suit 13
Ashland, Massachusetts, MA
Phone: 781-893-9121

Beach Plum Flower Shop

Address: 50 Water St Suite 301
Newburyport, Massachusetts, MA
Phone: 978-465-1739