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Being a floral designer opens many doors for you in your career and can give you many opportunities to build lifelong relationships with people in the industry.  Many businesses need the services of floral designers, and of course, you do not want to miss out on any chance.  Collaborating with other companies can make you more visible to the people and enhance your goodwill and reputation. Furthermore, your partners will refer you to others in their circles if you are trustworthy and provide a good floral experience.

Choosing the right business partner to collaborate with is also a critical decision. The following are some types of enterprises that may require floral designers as affiliate partners.

Wedding planners are one of the most prominent industries that require large-scale bouquets and garlands on a regular basis. They must use fresh and in-bloom cut flowers to embellish multiple elements for weddings.  Wedding planners appreciate high-end floral designs and flower bouquets they can offer their clients that others can make, so standing out of the crowd can get people’s attention.  Many wedding planners have contracted floral designers that create flower creations based on their specifications. Event planners also need floral arrangements, whether it is a birthday party or a Christmas party. If they arrange a charity raising program or an annual office dinner, they require floral designs to complement their arrangements.

Event Planners are usually hired in big corporate businesses to be in charge of one thing – event planning.  Being on their team for repeat business can win you big business in the floral industry.  Corporate company clients can be a valuable asset to a thriving floral design business.

Catering Companies also have a need for a florist to call upon when needed for a larger scale event.  Food catering meshed with floral arrangements is a great add-on to any event and make sure to take pics of your flower arrangements at these events to showcase to others.  Providing floral arrangements to compliment caterers’ banquets can help both you and the caterer.  Let the caterer know that they can call on you anytime they need any floral arrangements and they can provide your services now to their clients.

High-End Restaurants are known to work with local florists in adding flowers to their dining experience.  Some fine dining restaurants have fresh roses on each table every night with a candle to enhance the dining experience.  Teaming up with these restaurants and providing nightly floral arrangements can be a very viable line of revenue. Don’t be shy to offer your floral services to restaurants, you never know they could just be looking for you but haven’t discovered you yet.

Event Venues are also a great way for a viable source of floral design jobs.  Working with the person in charge of event booking for a particular venue can be the start of a long fruitful relationship.  Being a preferred vendor to a venue that hosts an array of different occasions throughout the year can keep a floral shop busy all year round.  If you plan on owning your own floral design business one day working with event venues should be a must.  Find a floral design class near you today to start your career!

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