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5 Tips on Creating A Floral Design Brand

Building a brand is a highly rewarding process that makes future business easier. It makes customers respect and trust you more than the average floral design service.   Brands can also command higher prices due to their prominent presence in the market. However, all these benefits don’t come so easily, especially for the beginner floral designer. 

Below are 5 tips on creating a valuable floral design brand without investing too much time or money. 

Create a Coherent Brand Identity

To create a brand identity, your business should have an impressive name, logo, and packaging. It’s important to stick to a specific color palette and bring coherence to all elements of your brand. 

For example, make sure your floral packaging and other materials match the styling and colors of your logo. Also, take your time to come up with a unique and compelling brand name that is both catchy and memorable. 

You shouldn’t shy away from investing in branding, either. To truly deliver a branded experience, you must do things differently than other floral designers. This means using your own wrapping paper, adding personalization, and using other printed marketing material (stickers, business cards, thank you cards, etc.). 

You don’t need to be an expert graphic designer or even hire someone to do the branding for you. With basic knowledge of websites like Canva or Adobe Express, you can create a professional logo and packaging with minimal effort. 

All these extra steps will result in your customers taking you more seriously and more confidently referring you to their friends. 

Ensure Higher Quality Standards

Building a brand is not a one-time effort. Delivering superior flower quality, designs, and customer experience takes a lifelong commitment. 

You will only become a high-value brand once your quality matches those of premium floral designers. To ensure high standards of quality, make sure to use the best quality of flowers, maintain zero errors in design, and condition your floral arrangements to last longer. This will leave a lasting impression on your customers, and they will be willing to pay better prices for your service in the future. 

Adopting a systematic approach where you conduct quality assurance tests every day is a good idea. This can include more than a hundred things; the quality of petals, the stem, and the surrounding leaves. 

Quality is also about how accurately and precisely you are able to turn your client’s vision into reality. So try to ensure they get the exact color palette, arrangement alignment, flower sizes, and overall aesthetic they asked you for. 

Build Excellence In Your Niche

Building excellence is about so many things; having better designs, faster delivery, higher cost-efficiency, better discoverability, and superior quality. 

Brands are different from other floral designers because of their excellence in one particular thing. When you transition from a generic service to a brand, you can’t keep doing everything and anything. 

You must save your time, finances, and energy for the few things that matter the most. Focus on a few things you want to improve in quality, delivery, design, and branding. 

If you want to be a floral design brand that does weddings, try to build excellence in that alone. This means working on your wedding client consultation skills, your creative and design skills for wedding decorations, and creating a large portfolio of wedding projects. 

At this stage of transition, you must let go of other projects that don’t go well with your brand imagr. After all, brands are not built by being everything to everybody. Other ways to build excellence include buying in bulk from your local farmer’s market, learning new arrangement techniques and color blending styles, and improving your photography skills. 

Be Active In Floral Design Community

No brand is complete without the trust factor and customer awareness. You could have the best floral design service and still fail to build a valuable brand if people don’t know about it. 

There are plenty of ways you can start building a presence in your local floral design community today. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are quick and easy ways. 

Try to post valuable content related to floral design services and your own experience. A few examples include providing tips on picking the right service, how much to pay, how to come up with a budget for wedding decorations, and so on. You don’t always have to target your customers; creating business content is also helpful. 

Sharing your own business experience, success stories, and lessons can establish you as an expert in the field. Websites are another great option; you can build a mailing list, reach organic traffic, and create valuable blogs. 

Make sure to share content that resonates with your potential customers. Think about the problems they face and design content around it. 

Invest In Customer Service 

Brands are marked by their customer service and experience. People happily pay more when they receive more respect, attention, and personalized relationships. 

You can build a better perception of your business by improving your client consultation skills, customer relationship management, and decoration quality. 

However, this doesn’t come without costs. You must allocate a budget to enhance the customer experience. You can hire customer service staff to ensure that every client is attended to immediately and every complaint is resolved as soon as possible. It’s common that clients will also need support during their decision-making process, such as in picking the right budget and which design to go with. 

If your business is able to go the extra mile and assist its clients throughout their special event, it’s sure to build a strong name and earn positive reviews on the way.  


Building your floral design brand will not come without challenges. You must remain consistent in your higher quality and design approach even when you don’t see immediate results. It’s all about the long-term results. 

Once your brand gains enough credibility, customer reviews, and market presence, the higher-paying clients will start flowing in on their own. 

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