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Types of Floral Design Jobs

If you love flowers, enjoy being creative, and have an eye for detail, a career in floristry could be perfect for you.

In this post, we’ll look at several floristry occupations that mix craft and creativity. We’ll help you get started on your path to your ideal job working with flowers.

Floral Design Jobs

Florists have a Variety of Job Opportunities:

Selling Florist

You can work in the floristry industry as a salesperson. You might work as a florist in professional selling, creating bouquets and arrangements for customers.  A selling florist means you are Designing and making floral arrangements and decisions for weddings, funerals, graduations, parties, and custom events.  A floral salesperson also means engaging with the public regularly about their requirements and assisting them in turning their floral ideas into reality and building relationships with clients.

Working as a Florist Freelancer

You may reap the rewards of having your own business while working from the comfort of your own home or a store by being a freelancer florist.  Being a freelancer florist will give you the liberty to manage your time and assignments according to your timetable.   Also, you can gain popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and build your clientele and mold a successful business.

Florist Store Manager  

Do you prefer the business aspect of floristry and have excellent customer service skills? If that’s the case, a job as a floristry business manager might be ideal for you. You will be the business’s leader and be in charge of dealing with floral firms as a manager. This could come with perks such as health insurance and union privileges depending on where you work.   This is also a great job to have while attending programs or courses to become a florist and jumpstart your blooming career in floral design.

Instructor and Activist

If you enjoy inspiring others and assisting them in developing their practical abilities, being a floristry professor may be right for you.  You can assist floristry students to maximize their potential and make great progress toward a future in the field.  To become an instructor you may need to take some courses yourself to be qualified to teach these classes but gaining popularity throughout the floral community can also boost your notoriety.

Floristry Intern

If you’re not sure which route you want to follow stop and ponder.  If you want to improve your abilities while earning money, you might work as an apprentice for a floristry business.   This way you can be designing flower arrangements and interacting daily with clients and experience real one-on-one training.  If you plan on starting your own Floral Design company becoming an intern with a successful floral company can provide experience and confidence for when you plan on building your own business.

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