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Start Your Career as a Florist

Once you have completed relevant courses and training in the floral design industry, you are ready to take the next step in your career as a floral designer.

After completing your program you can venture out into the many ways of working as a floral designer.  You can apply at your local grocery store or a high-end floral company that caters to funeral homes, wedding planners, and custom event planners.

Starting your own business may be a passion of yours then marking the holidays and eventful months in your calendar to attract more clients and build your clientele can be key. Make yourself available on weekends for special events and tell people about what you are doing.  Networking in the floral industry is a must if you plan on opening your own floral design company.   If you are opening your own floral designing company, collaborate with other event planners, local businesses, and let it be known that you are providing services.  It could be as simple as getting some business cards, and a logo, and start networking yourself at local events within your community.

You can also work as a freelance floral designer. You can deal with clients over the internet rather than setting up a physical office. It has the potential to be incredibly cost-effective while also requiring less physical effort, and is a great way to start out while working as a florist in the meantime.

Being a floral designer can satisfy your love and passion for flowers and creativity. Floral designing is the type of work that you will thoroughly cherish and be in close proximity to nature. Exploration and creativity are in every step in floral designing, and doing what you love will be visible in your arrangements the more you work at it.

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